We are your Local Beverly Hills Dog Groomer

Beverly Hills, CA is known for its unique shopping experiences, upscale living arrangements and pets that are treated like
royalty. In this chic society, it's not uncommon for pooches and felines alike to have birthday parties and after school socials,
days at the sitter, and wardrobes to die for.

That's right, dog grooming in Beverly Hills is as "in" as Prada shoes and Valentino handbags. And as the rich pamper their
pooches, it’s only fitting that we take a look at why those who set the trend find it essential to invest in dog grooming.

Image is everything from their nails to their shiny coats, most canines strut a bit taller once they have been properly groomed and
detailed. Essential parts of regular grooming include daily dental care, regularly scheduled baths, and brushing to prevent
matting and control shedding. Like their two-legged friends, dogs enjoy looking and feeling their best at all times.

For those who are constantly on the go, mobile pet grooming and dog grooming in Beverly Hill is now available as a standard
service through top notch services like The Dog Fountain. These dog savvy experts perform an on-location dog grooming session
to meet the needs of busy clients. Calls Now at (310) 619-4058 to schedule an immediate appointment.
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